Saturday, June 11, 2011

Spread Your Wings

This song is one of my favorites (I had never heard it before my boyfriend, a guitarist who loves Queen, dedicated it to me) and over the years it has become part of my life story. It's so in tune with my life philosophy of going for what you want, even against all odds. It just makes me feel so free, every time I hear it.

Questa canzone é una delle mie preferite (non l'avevo mai sentita prima che il mio fidanzato, un chitarrista che ama i Queen, me l'ha dedicata) e negli anni é diventata parte della mia storia. Si intona bene alla mia filosofia di vita di combattere per i propri sogni, anche quando essi sembrano impossibili. Mi fa sentire libera ogni volta che la sento.


  1. il potere della musica è qualcosa di mistico

  2. Queen are such a great band and it's a really sweet song choice for your boyfriend to make a dedication to you :)

    I've just gotten around to reading your response to my post about Italian Vogue's use of models that aren't the industry standard. I agree with you. Equality of female representation in fashion will not exist for real until 'larger' models cease to be a talking point or a PR gimmick. Of course that's what campaigners are aiming for. It will take a while though. High fashion is so slow when it comes to politics. I mean, Vogue still sometimes has a 'Black Issue' which is just so backwards and scandalous.

  3. I love queen! One of my very favourite bands..

    Your boyfriend sounds like a sweetie!

    Girl about Town XxX


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