Sunday, March 27, 2011

Vegas, baby

Ultimamente ho questa una strana voglia di viaggiare. Strana per via di dove vorrei andare e cosa vorrei farci.

La sera quando bloggo mi ritrovo a cercare siti di hotel e viaggi, inserendo "Las Vegas" nella casella "destinazione."  Ancora piú preoccupante é il fatto che mi trovo sempre piú spesso sul sito, immaginando un viaggio di follie e libertá. Una storia da raccontare, non solo ai futuri figli. Una marriage license americana costa 55 dollari, se a qualcuno puó interessare.

Non sarebbe la mia prima volta nella cittá che VERAMENTE non dorme mai. La consiglio a chiunque (a parte, forse, mia madre). Peró vi avverto: una volta tornati a casa, la voglia di tornarci puó assalirvi in qualsiasi momento. Anche dieci anni dopo. Anche quando non ve lo aspettate per niente.

Lately I've been having this strange desire to travel. Strange because of where I would like to go and what I would like to do there.

In the evenings when I'm blogging, I often find myself searching for travel and hotel sites, entering "Las Vegas" in the box that says "destination". Even more worrying is the fact that is now one of my most visited sites. I keep imagining a crazy, wild, free experience, a story to tell, and not only to our future children. A US marriage license costs 55 dollars, if anyone's interested.

It wouldn't be my first time visiting the city that REALLY never sleeps. I'd recommend it to everyone (except maybe my mother). But I must warn you: once you're back home, the desire to jump on a plane back to Vegas may haunt you at any given moment. Even ten years later.



  1. I COMPLETELY understand this one. I have no big wishes to trave to the states (except NYC off course) but Las Vegas is very much on my list. Juts because of it's strangness. I mean it's like a planet of it's own. I just have to see it. And wedding goes too :-)))


  2. I just finished watching Casiono, and now I see this on your blog! Cool. Thanks for sharing the photos and drop by me too, soon.



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